Decorating Methods

Logo Embroidery

With custom embroidery you can give your logo that colorful, durable and professional look using a wide range of colors, details & textures! We digitize your logo and produce a realistic sew out of the finished art file for your approval before production.

Flat Stitch Embroidery

Flat Stitching is the industry standard for most common Embroidery requests. The key is in the digitizing! We aim for a really clean & crisp looking finished product and always do our best to utilize the most effective stitch patterns & fills.

3D Puff Embroidery

Puff or 3D Foam Embroidery is one of the fastest growing trends in custom headwear embroidery! Puff embroidery is essentially foam filled embroidered letters & shapes that create a raised or 3D look. Combine both Flat & 3D Puff embroidery to enhance the focal point of your logo and make it pop on hats & custom headwear.


Name Customization

Add custom personalization to any embroidered product! From traditional fonts to custom script lettering we can add your name, title or rank to your custom uniforms & workwear. We can add custom name personalization to bags, towels & other accessories for a completely customized look.


Embroidered Patches

Patches can be created in a wide array of styles, shapes & sizes. From full coverage embroidery to combinations like solid colored twill with embroidered accents, we can generally create a patch for any purpose. Patches are a really cost effective promo tool!

We Are Always Here To Help!

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Embroidery is an ART…

Not just another decorating service!

We Make It Fast, Easy, And Affordable To Create High Quality Custom Company Uniforms, Custom Apparel, and Promotional Products!

Choose your preferred product, then pick the type of embroidery that works best for you.

Be sure to let us know about your vision of the finished product so we can be sure to deliver above & beyond your expectations!

At Next Level Marketing we use top of the line Tajima Embroidery machines that are capable of sewing a wide array of custom products. This has helped us to become one of Orange County California go to embroidery companies that specialize in High Quality Corporate & Company Work Wear Solutions.

Art Files For Embroidery

Embroidery Artwork:
We emphasize on starting with the “Right Kind of Artwork” especially when it comes to sewing. The quality of a sewn logo will always be determined by the accuracy of the set up & the digitizing. We take the necessary steps to convert your design to sew out tight, clean and as complete as possible and are happy to suggest modifications to your image for maximum aesthetic quality. Please contact us in advance if you have any specific questions or special requests.

Product Catalog

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, you can’t. WE HAVE A NO RETURN POLICY. This is a custom industry, and all items are custom made to order. It is always best to set up an appointment if you are not sure of sizes, styles or fit for the crowd you are outfitting. If you should need to take some samples back to the group to try on, just leave a deposit on your order and we will provide you with everything you will need to get it squared away.


You sure can!! We will not charge you a digitizing fee if you already have your own DST file; however we are not responsible for the outcome and quality of the stitching should it not meet our standards.

Yes, we embroider for school uniforms; however you cannot bring in one bag or a couple polos and have them stitched with a school logo. You would need to meet our minimums for our embroidery service which starts at 12 pieces.
The last company I used stitched my polos, and the logo curled up, can you do better? (EMB)
We always do better! There are several factors and variables that play a part in a good looking embroidered shirt. We would take the time to ensure the quality of the stitching works on the product of your choice!

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